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The Movement Intelligence Answer
Bone Strength and Weight Bearing Posture

Bones for Life -
Full program 24 DVD Discs set

$ 150 - Download files

Learning Step by Step the Movement
Answer To the Functional Failure
of Bone disintegration  (Osteoporosis)
Created and presented by Ruthy Alon
Feldenkrais Institute, New York,  2007.
The 24 DVD discs (visual) contain the full Bones for Life program,  offers extensive step by step,         individually sensitive  working guide,  to immune bone from fracture by adapting a dynamic and impactful style of moving,  loading the body with higher tone of power in easy to do Bouncing on the heels, which  motivates the bones to actualize their destiny, become stronger and resist the collapse of the body weight to gravity.
Securing a streamlined posture for navigating the increased mobilizing force of walking throughout the entire skeleton in a safe Domino Effect quality of transmission, avoiding compression, deviation or loss of power. Using a wall and a wrap as green-house climate for facilitating change of counterproductive habits,
In harmony of  full body involvement.
The emphasis of the self reorganization of personal coordination is on Safety First, protecting the vulnerable joints while in action; Decompressing Lumbar spine; Aligning the neck with the body
Axis; Stabilizing hip joints; Restoring springiness of  knees and ankles; Adjusting efficient focus of pressure in feet.
Acquiring strategies to recover balance; Learning how to fall without  injury; Lifting weights in a safe Bio-Mechanical pattern: Activating the intimate network of Sphincters as the Anatomical anti-gravity lever of moving.
 Exploring efficiency proved of primal self mobilization patterns  locomotion  out of the living world; Following the winning model for immune Bone from fracture, as in the water carriers walk.

The Movement Intelligence
Walking with poles for Health, Posture and Biological Optimism

Walk for Life I -
Full program 9 DVD Discs set

$ 100.Download Files

Full documentation of 5 days, 30 hours experience of WFL 1
What can you learn from the WFL 1 DVD ?
How to walk in a way that your body will love to walk again tomorrow
How to align your posture so that it will not be compensated while    challenge it in dynamic walk
How to use your feet, toes and ankles to support your walking
How to decipher basic algorithms of mobilization
How to strengthen your legs
How to coordinate  your knees in dynamic walking
To restore the flexibility of your upper back, between your shoulder blades
How to move with a spring in your step
How to increase the  impact of your walking momentum without compressing your lumbar and neck curves
How to free your walking from old limitations and acquire Movement Intelligence strategies for providing safety to your vulnerable joints
How to use  walking poles not only for support, but rather for a revolutionary re-organization of your body in the winning  model of the quadruped pattern of locomotion in nature
with how to walk a spontaneous upright posture


The Movement Intelligence
Walking with poles for Health, Posture and Biological Optimism

Walk for Life II -
Full program 12 DVD Discs set

$ 100.Download Files

Full documentation of 5 days, 30 hours  WFL 2 program
New Hampshire, 2012
What can you learn from the WFL 2 DVD ?
WFL 2 is a deeper exploration of the specific factors which create quality walking.
In the indoors “Coordination Laboratory” phase, there are more strategies for Dynamic posture, as well as in reality context of walking out-of-doors.
Some of the program's themes;
*  Intentional focus on the aspect of  aligning the head in a streamlined  consistency with the whole posture, engaging  the most rigid segment of the upper back, T6 vertebrae, between the shoulder blades. 
 *  Using self touch of hands as an indication for the Lumbar reaction to the act of stepping , in a process called "Gap between the hands".  A simple movement Intelligence strategy which can be applied in real time  walking, bringing awareness to a blind habit of over compressing  the lower back with each step.
*  Exploring options in the design of the trajectory in which the mobilizing force is transmitting throughout the skeleton from foot to head.
*  There is an emphasized focus on the Hip joint issues, offering release through reversed gravity position.
*  Training in the non habitual use of shoulder blades, which is central factor in walking with poles and applying power in interaction with solid ground.
*  Walking with low poles, simulating  all fours quadrupeds' walk, to give the body opportunity to embody the solutions  evolution  discovered for out smarting gravity in walking.  
*  Training in the backward recoil of the hip  joint, as essential factor in launching a step forward.
 *  Relating to the tailbone-heel distance in walking on variant terrains.
 *  Upgrading quality of vertical human walk by going in the steps of the ultimate horizontal primordial creeping function.
*   Awakening resourcefulness of commitment to efficiency.   
*  Strategies for recovering balance, as the fear of falling being  the number 1 cause for loosing freedom of walking.
*  Conditioning arms on legs, which is missing in humans walking on two, for becoming familiar with harmonious integration.
*  The role of toes in generating propulsion.  
*  Variation of walking patterns in actual out of door walking, including  resting on the poles.
*  Strategies for releasing tension in the lower back
*  Recruiting  the Sphincters, the biological anti gravity network.
*  Games in breaks of walking with poles in nature.
*  The wrap, supporting neck and lumbar in walking.
*  options of post walk relaxation .


The Movement Intelligence
Shifting from Fixation to Mobility

Full program 12 DVD Discs set

$100.Download Files

The 12 DVD discs of the chairs program,
 contain 44 short and simple processes
for reorganizing posture and ease of mobility,
are not only for people who have difficulty  
in getting down to, and stand up from the chair,
but mainly
for everyone who is sitting long hours
feeling a need to do something to restore their vitality
and refresh their body,
Without needing special conditions.
Through the  CHAIRS program you can learn how to shift
your sitting  from being fixated and degenerative  into a
dynamic window of self-improvement opportunity, with a
wide choice of short and  simple movement processes,
practiced on a chair, or against the wall.
You may discover that it is possible to refresh your whole
 body in  harmonious coordination and train in the weight-bearing alignment that promotes vitality and
spontaneous upright posture while sitting.


The Movement Intelligence
The Inner Game of Chewing

Mindful Eating-

$ 80 Download Files

The 1 DVD disc of Mindful Eating program is a step by step guide of an actual real time meal. This is an opportunity for every person to listen to the individual  style of how they hand food and to be aware of their mechanical movements, the modus opperandy, of their habits, which perpetuate the obsession which is counter- productive to their wellness. The guidance is leading to experiment with new options of eating which gradually restore and build up a sensation of satisfaction with a spontaneous acceptance of no more need to over eat. 
New Hampshire, U.S. 2010.


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