Yin – Yang
The Wave and Axis
Integration of Movement

Created by
Ruthy Alon Ph.D

Dynamic Walking with Poles 
for Health, Posture and Biological Optimism

Welcome to Walk For Life
Learning how to improve the quality of the fundamental function of dynamic walk.

Walk For Life program in Italy
Film by Christina Procacci

 Anna Maria, Bones For Life director in Germany,
Walking with and without Poles



The Walk For Life Program

48 hours workshop of Walk for Life
consist of  walking outdoors with the use of Poles, as well as indoor Movement Laboratory 
of simple, yet sophisticated strategies for upgrading the quality of body coordination.

The program is following the patterns of locomotion from Evolution, tracking the Movement Intelligence which have refined  them,  throughout millions of years of trial and error, in ever perfection urge to enhance  efficiency proved  functioning, in service of life. 

Poles are used not only to secure equilibrium, but also to revive the arms primal function of the quadrupeds' front legs. In transmitting the rebounding force, generated from stepping on  the ground, the poles work to thrust the shoulder blade backward to activate the upper spine, restoring vital flexibility and cooperation, in the most stiff and non- negotiable area of the back.

The poles empower  the ballistic factor of propulsion. Being an extension of the arms, they reach to interact with the ground, and by economic investment  the poles produce an impact of more mobilization potency than what a Bi-Pedal human leg can generate by themselves alone.

The Indoor Self Laboratory Movement Intelligence Themes:

Cultivating springiness of ankles to restore a missing cultural Key for  lively walk

Recovering original potential skill of moving by modeling Amphibian wave of locomotion.
Aligning the knees with the feet, hip joints and spine for easy and free of disturbance walking
Hip Joints: 
Adjusting the hip joints in real time and safe walking 
Lumbar Spine: 
Weaning the vulnerable lower back from its compulsive over reaction to the impact of walking. Decompressing of the 5 lumbar vertebrae for a safe transmission of the mobilizing force

Rib Cage
Reminding forgotten options of ribs - spine interaction, 
balancing the load on the back's curves, as well as increasing volume of the chest dependent lungs for fuller revitalizing oxygen. 
Upper Back:  
Confronting the primary stiff factor of the  
collapsed posture
Shoulder Blades:
Re-activating shoulder blades through the use of poles, simulating
 the winning evolutionary pattern of quadruped’s walking on all fours.

Spearing tension in the neck and restoring the smooth Gyroscopic function of the neck in its service to equilibrium and sensing

Committing to harmonious cooperation between all body parts in a Feldenkrais integrative perspective, which is the most characteristic principle in all organic life. Searching for coordination works to awaken  the native Movement Intelligence, which is the leading compass  to efficient self correction     

Using the alternating shift of weight from one side to the other in walking,
undulating a rhythmical multi- dimensional wave for generating the ballistic momentum of each step forward

Accentuating the outsmarting of gravity in auto-mobilization by striking the pole onto the ground, in a way that loads the body with a rebounding elastic force upward.  

Training the skeleton to spontaneously organize itself in a streamlined trajectory for the two way transmission of the mobilizing force -- the body mass bearing down,
as well as the springy rebounding upward -- reaching from end to end, without loss, deviation, or compression, in a domino-effect quality.

Being an extension of the arms, as in four legged walking, enable the  shoulders and shoulder blades to take on some of the upper body weight,
which free the lower back and the hip joints from their constant load,  avoiding their risk of compression.

There is no pill for posture.  Posture is reflecting the skill, the variety and attitude of the individual's quality of moving.
To improve your posture you have to improve your movement habits.
Practicing different rhythms of breathing to secure generous intake of oxygen and empower  vitality,
within the ecological environment of waling in fresh air, as well as increasing tolerance for  walking duration

Independent  Walking                                                                    
The essential activity of walking in and out of doors in the program, shared in a social context with pleasure and excitement,
works to program the individual to continue walking with poles in their life too

The bodily joy of existence                                                         
The Biological optimism that is inspired by the profound experience of well organized walking,  is convincing beyond any need to have  reasons to walk.  

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