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Reversing the Sandglass

The Movement Intelligence
of Safe Two-Phase Exploration to Recharge Memory and Health

Introductory 10-Hour Program

Could it be that one of the factors associated with memory loss is gravity-related?
When was the last time you inclined your head lower than your heart?
What happens to our brain cells when, under the effect of gravity,
the downward traffic emptying stale blood from the head
proceeds at a faster pace than the traffic flowing fresh nourishing blood back up to the head? 
What happens to a person whose diminished movement lacks dynamic impacts that could empower circulation
in pumping his blood upward against gravity, and might even overcome some of the Blood Brain Barrier?
What happens to chronically impoverished cells that suffer malnutrition?
I hope someone becomes intrigued enough by these questions to investigate how the absolute context of gravity,
with respect to our bodily management, relates to brain chemistry — a dilemma deserving proper attention
and clinical research.


My Reverse the Sandglass program attempts to provide a movement-based solution
to one of the most humiliating disease of our times — the loss of memory and human identity.
The first phase, a 5-hour preface, provides careful and gradual guidance in safe procedures
that reintroduce a minimal lowering of the head back into personal movement vocabulary.
The advanced second phase is meant for fully fit people who wish to build up a prophylactic
reserve to protect them from future drying out of their brain cells.
They learn to turn completely over, the sandglass way — pelvis up, head down —
not without our same password: Safety First.




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