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Walk for Life in Korea

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Walk for Life in Korea
Walking with poles for health, posture and biological Optimism
In Seoul august 15-19,  2012
Seoul is unperceivable enormous city of 20 million people. 360 degrees looking around you see huge buildings. Like Israel, Korea is a momentum of technological intellig
ence, while  living under a forced threat. The spirit is high, people in Korea would give up part of their vacation to enhance their technological institute.

From the point of 
view of Ruthy though, the personal ecology of the individual, the quality of how their body moves, which is a faithful indicator for the joy of living, is lagging behind the new achiev
ements in technology. This is where our natural program of awakening movement intelligence can fill in a gap and make a contribution to society.

"Teaching in Korea is a very special experience" Ruthy says, "beyond the efficiency, the dimensions multiplied by millions, the perfection in architecture as well as in food and modern daily life, you can feel the depth of the traditional culture which accepts nothing less than excellence. "  in this aspiration there is a full respect to learning as a core value of the society.
Walking in the hills around Seoul

Ruthy has taught the Walk for Life retreat in the Women University of Seoul. The campus is located at the edge of a mountain covered by thick forests. The building itself, the many halls, teaching rooms, theatres and entrance spaces, are all a statement of beauty and a vision of how to support education.
The course was a inter cultural event, as about a third of the participants came to it from Australia, Bones for Life graduates who could not miss the opportunity to study with Ruthy if she came to their back yard. Most of the Koreans did not speak English, even though they could read and write. When they did speak, it was not easy to recognize the meaning. Of course the Australians did not know Korean, still the communication was flowing with so much kindness and good will.
The natural movement was the common ground language of mutual understanding. The translator of the teaching was the organizer of the course, and she did it in excitement of teaching responsibility. It was amazing how much sharing, questions, discussions and  sometimes arguments, could  cross the room back and forth through the two way translation.

The concept of the natural way in which the organism learns and corrects its habitual policy, is very foreign to most people. For those who meet it first time it is quite revolutionary idea, that the best way to learn  is not by the teacher demonstrating an ideal model which the students are supposed to do their best effort to imitate, but rather guiding the students to experience several un used options of coordination,  and letting their organism by itself, judging by its own sensation, spontaneously draw its own conclusions. This is the way a baby succeeds to learn in nature, gaining its functions with no words or instructions. 
After this barrier of the new approach was cleared, as there is no argument with results, which participants discovered with surprise, the course was flowing with more information and more enthusiasm.

The walking program deals with upgrading different aspects of the natural formulae of walking. The program was accepted well beyond the expectations of Ruthy, and the organizers of Movement Intelligence Korea  intend to post it for Academic Education and health aid in medical institutions.
Feed back of participants
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