Yin – Yang
The Wave and Axis
Integration of Movemen
for training in the
 water carrier's walk
Bones for life
The Movement Intelligence of
Bone Strength and Weight-Bearing Posture

Based on Dr. Feldenkrais’ approach to somatic learning

Develop harmonious coordination
Empower lively & dynamic gait
Train in bone building walking in rhythm
Reach Quality of natural fitness at any age
Restore resourcefulness of equilibrium & stability
Align posture in the body language of self confidence

The movement answer to the functional failure of osteoporosis

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“Bones are stronger than steel”
The Body Exhibition
Ruthy in class New York 2007

Your bones are as reliable as your posture is able to sustain your body weight in an efficient alignment.

Your bones are as strong as your activity is dynamic and able to cope with challenges that demand strength.

Your bones are as healthy as Nature meant, if your movements are natural and all your body parts are harmoniously coordinated.

Through the simple, effective movement processes of the sixty-hour Bones For Life program, you will learn gradually and safely how to:


  • Stimulate your bone strength and experience the biological optimism of a reliable skeleton
  • Coordinate a springy and dynamic walk
  • Align your posture into safe weight-bearing uprightness

  • Develop your skill of restoring equilibrium

  • Enhance the pleasure of moving



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WFL course in Spain.
Will be held this June by Nancy Aidelman.

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Bones for Life in Taiwan

full program & Pioneer Teacher Certification in Taipei
July 25 – August 7,  2012

Taiwan is a special place where east and West meet in harmony. Taipei is an enormous city bubbling with life, with overhead roads which facilitate the huge traffic. People are kind and soft, loving life, children and pat dogs.
Ruthy was invited to teach her bones for Life program in Taipei. She has found a big group of young movement professionals, physiotherapists, martial Artists, Pilates instructors, yoga teachers, practitioners of different  movement oriented therapies and Feldenkrais too. Having traditional respect for education, these professionals were highly motivated to learn more ways of how to succeed helping people with movement problems.  

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Walk for Life in Korea

Walking with poles for health, posture and biological Optimism
In Seoul august 15-19,  2012
Seoul is unperceivable enormous city of 20 million people. 360 degrees looking around you see huge buildings. Like Israel, Korea is a momentum of technological intelligence, while  living under a forced threat. The spirit is high, people in Korea would give up part of their vacation to enhance their technological institute.
From the point of view of Ruthy though, the personal ecology of the individual, the quality of how their body moves, which is a faithful indicator for the joy of living, is lagging behind the new achievements in technology. This is where our natural program of awakening movement intelligence can fill in a gap and make a contribution to society.
"Teaching in Korea is a very special experience" Ruthy says, "beyond the efficiency, the dimensions multiplied by millions, the perfection in architecture as well as in food and modern daily life, you can feel the depth of the traditional culture which accepts nothing less than excellence. "  in this aspiration there is a full respect to learning as a core value of the society.

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12 new Bones for Life teachers were certified in Sweden
after having completed BFL segment III and Teachers Training with Ruthy Alon, April 20 – 28, 2012 in Mundekulla.

sweeden teachers
Some of the students and Ruthy while taking a pause after practicing effortless stair climbing.

In April 2012 Ruthy, the BFL program founder, was teaching the completion of the Basic Program, the BFL segment III and the Teacher Training in Sweden.
In the BFL segment III the students repeated in depth the processes of recovering equilibrium, decompressing the lumbar through the zero balance point in the foot, desensitizing fear of falling, through strategies of falling without injury, Sphincters as the anti gravity lever, completion of deciphering the Water Carriers walk, which is the primary model for weight bearing posture and immune from fracture.
The 5 days Teachers Training seminar, which completes the certification of becoming a BFL teacher, is mostly the activity of the participants rather than the trainer. This is their opportunity to plow the program to the length, width and depth, getting a clearer idea what they have in their hands, and receive the encouragement to go out and teach. This group did an excellent achievement and demonstrated high skills in teaching their selected BFL processes.

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First WFL retreat in Europe
Kleebach, Alcace, france
June 15-19,   2012



In the rich green of Alsace, and with an ideal climate, the first Walk for Life retreat took place. The group was international and inter-professional, people came from many countries in Europe and beyond.

The walking activity, and especially together with the poles, which extend the arms to interact with the ground  is adding the original vitality of the primal prototype of walking on all fours, with the spine awakening to its role of generating the locomotion, the spirit of the participants go high. 

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First time walk for life program with ruthy in New Hampshire Oct. 2011


The 5 day course was a celebration of rhythm , impact, coordination, short cuts to uprightness, learning from primal patterns of locomotion and a lot of fresh air in the fall colors of NH forest hills.
Poles are used not only as support for equilibrium, but also to revive the arms primal function of the quadrupeds' front legs, gaining the counter force, which thrusts the shoulder blade backward to the spine, restoring vital flexibility in the most stiff and non negotiable area of the upper back.
The poles also empower the ballistic factor of propulsion, through being an extension of the arms,  they reach to interact with the ground, and with economical investment  produce an impact of pressure of more mobilization potency than what a human’s bi- pedal leg can generate. 
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The first Bones for Life International Conference Oct. 24–29, 2010 in Greenfield, New Hampshire, U.S.A

Ruthy delivering the Keynote Address

Ten years after Bones for Life was born, and five years since we established the Foundation for Movement Intelligence to promote BFL, we had our first international Bones for Life conference, called Osteo~Blast, which was held in the woods at a summer camp in the hills of Greenfield, New Hampshire, U.S.A.

There were over 100 participants on site and the atmosphere was enthusiastic and supportive. The graduates of the BFL community were a warm and responsive audience. The exchanges of ideas, brainstorming sessions and hunger for learning were constantly viable all the time.

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Didactic seminar Certifying new Bones for Life teachers
in Dorset, England, Nov. 2–10, 2010

Students improvising on Gaunts house grounds

To have an idea where the courses of The Movement established Intelligence of Bone Strength and Weight Bearing Posture
are taught in England, you need to imagine a retreat paradise, with a classical mansion surrounded by green grounds and a lake, in Dorset, named Gaunts House. The food is Vegetarian gourmet, with options of Gluten or dairy free, caring that no one will be left unsatisfied.

In Early November 2010 Ruthy, the program founder, was teaching there the completion of BFL Basic Program and the Didactic seminar. The group was International. coming from ten different countries: United States, Switzerland, France, Austria, Finland, Russia, Poland, Sweden, Ireland and . . .

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