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full program & Pioneer Teacher Certification in Taipei

July 25 – August 7,  2012

Taiwan is a special place where east and West meet in harmony. Taipei is an enormous city bubbling with life, with overhead roads which facilitate the huge traffic. PeopleSign to Course are kind and soft, loving life, children and pat dogs.

Ruthy was invited to teach her bones for Life program in Taipei. She has found a big group of young movement professionals, physiotherapists, martial Artists, Pilates instructors, yoga teachers, practitioners of different  movement oriented therapies and Feldenkrais too. Having traditional respect for education, these professionals were highly motivated to learn more ways of how to succeed helping people with movement problems.

The group embraced the Bones for Life program with enthusiasm. The special structure of teaching, posting an initial subjective test for assessing the performance of a certain functional task at the beginning of a process. Coming back it to it at the end, allow each participant to compare and get direct evidence, through one's own personal sensation, of the effectiveness of the process strategy. With each process, where over 90% of  the group participants confirmed having gained an improvement,  they  realized that in BFL program they can find a potential of corrective strategy for treating population of the general public, and succeed to free them from their limiting problems, with much less investment and much more success. Upgrading level of moving in the Bones for Life way is achieved not by touching each one individually, while the patient is passive, but by offering a whole group  guidance and comprehension, so every student can learn how to organize  their own body independently, as well as acquire the knowledge for future repetitions, which are  a necessity in changing habits. The approach of teaching people how to fish, rather than giving them the fish is at the basis of the Feldenkrais method Awareness Through Movement.

This first group of BFL pioneers in Taiwan has already organizes themselves in an Association to teach and promote the Movement Intelligence of the Bones for Life program and its teachings in Taiwan. They have the blessing and a warm welcome from worldwide Bones for life three generations of teachers and trainers.


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