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12 new Bones for Life tesweeden bfl teachersachers were certified in Sweden
after having completed BFL segment III and Teachers Training with Ruthy Alon, April 20 – 28, 2012 in Mundekulla.

In April 2012 Ruthy, the BFL program founder, was teaching the completion of the Basic Program, the BFL segment III and the Teacher Training in Sweden. In the BFL segment III the students repeated in depth the processes of recovering equilibrium, decompressing the lumbar through the zero balance point in the foot, desensitizing fear of falling, through strategies of falling without injury, Sphincters as the anti gravity lever, completion of deciphering the Water Carriers walk, which is the primary model for weight bearing posture and immune from fracture.


The 5 days Teachers Training seminar, which completes the certification of becoming a BFL teacher, is mostly the activity of the participants rather than the trainer. This is their opportunity to plow the program to the length, width and depth, getting a clearer idea what they have in their hands, and receive the encouragement to go out and teach. This group did an excellent achievement and demonstrated high skills in teaching their selected BFL processes.


The group was international with students from Ireland, France and Switzerland but the majority came from Sweden. Ruthy’s teaching was much appreciated by the students and they are now anxious to start using the newfound knowledge in their work as Bones for Life teachers. With this group having graduated, Sweden now has 12 fully certified Bones for Life Teachers! Country Director for Sweden is Christina Schön-Ohlsson, Bones for Life trainer and PhD, who wrote this report.


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