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Osteoporosis Medical conference in Italy 2010
Poster presentation by Isabella Turino, BFL director, Italy

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NASA Conference, Kansas city 2005
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Ruthy presented her BFL program by poster and abstract: Conditioning bone strength on dynamic movement and weight bearing posture Aviation, space, and environmental medicine, March 2005 Vol 76 No. 3 Abstract 72
National Osteoporosis foundation conference, Washington DC, 2006
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Ruthy together with a group of BFL teachers demonstrated in the conference, in a booth and involved the audience in bouncing on the heels in a wrap
BFL booth in the NOF conference Visitors enjoy the crown wrapVisitors enjoy the crown wrap
The Feldekrais Institute New York 2007
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BFL Chairs program, San Francisco 2009
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Mindful eating the inner game of chewing workshop Boston 2009
Mindful eating brochure
Training in eating style that yields more satisfaction, inspiring biological optimism


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