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Bones for Life
A new 24-disk DVD set of the full updated Bones for Life program
recorded in New York in 2007.
Sponsored by the Feldenkrais Institute.
this is Ruthy’s last documented presentation of the basic Bones for Life program in the United States.
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Created and presented by Ruthy Alon in Greenfield, NH in October 2008. The Bones for Life CHAIRS® program shifts sitting in charis from being degenerative into a dynamic window of opprotunity. Through a wide choice of short, practical and simple movement processes done on a chair or against a wall, Ruthy Alon shows that it is possible to refresh harmonious movement coordination of the whole body and training in the weight-bearing alignment that promotes bone strength and posture while sitting.

13 DVDs, with index, recorded in Greenfield, NH (2008)
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Walk for Life
Walking with Poles For Health, Strength and Biological Optimism
Regenerate the biological function of your upper back Empower the ballistic force of your walking propulsion Poles are used not only as support for equilibrium, they also revive the arms primal function of the quadrupeds' front legs. Transmitting the rebounding force of stepping, which reaches to thrust the shoulder blade backward to the spine, the poles restore vital flexibility in the most stiff and non negotiable area of the upper back. The use of poles can empower the ballistic factor of propulsion. Through being an extension of the arms, the poles reach to interact with the ground, and with economical investment, produce impact of pressure of a higher mobilization potency than legs do alone.
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Recharging Memory – reversing the sand clock
Recharging Memory DVD's

Could there be a movement aspect to memory deterioration? Are brain cells losing their competence because the nurturing blood circulation has difficulty to rise up to the head against gravity, especially if people do not use their body dynamically, with rhythmic impact of spring in their step, which could have helped pumping the blood up? When was the last time you have inclined your head lower than your heart? Ruthy Alon offers 2 DVD discs of careful guidance of movement with the purpose to recapitulate the lowering of the head into the personal functional vocabulary. 2 DVD recorded in the bones for Life conference, U.S. 2010
DVD Set     Flashdrive 16GB   Download Files    
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